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Electronic Charts represent the future of navigation, with vector charts becoming the standard on new vessels. Digital charts in vector format are now found on most chart plotters and Electronic Chart Systems (ECS). Navigator represents the most cost effective, quality, vectorised charting and navigation software for use on a PC.

Electronic Chart Display Information Systems (ECDIS) is the highest standard of electronic chart available today. Transas, the company behind the Tsunamis navigation system are world leaders in ECDIS technology and the research and development at this level is apparent in Tsunamis at a fraction of the cost.

Navigator is used by mariners at all levels, and is considered by many to have the best charts and most professional operating system on the market. Connect a GPS to your laptop or PC, and you have a precision navigation tool that will provide you with the best this technology has to offer.

Why do mariners use Navigator?

  • Leisure sailors (power and sail) are able to set up Guard Zones and alarm parameters that improve safety afloat.
  • Fishermen can use the Add Info to mark favourite fishing spots, record tracks, and record details in Log Book.
  • Ocean Cruisers can utilize Route Checking to optimize their passage.
  • Professional Salvage Operators can use the high accuracy search function to locate underwater wrecks.
  • Marine Pilots can use Navigator with a laptop and DGPS to have an instant backup in case of restricted visibility when piloting large ships.
  • Harbour Masters are able to quickly reference Information under their jurisdiction.
  • Ferry operators use the ability to export new Add Info to shore via email, for the use of scientists there.
  • Coast Guards can use the powerful Search and Rescue function of Navigator to organize professional searches that save time and resources in emergencies

Navigation Dynamics Sponsorship

Transas Marine and Navigation Dynamics have recently become very generous sponsors of the tall ship Leeuwin II. Read more about it in our News section.

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