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    Pocket PC - GPS Navigation System

Wireless Pocket PC GPS System

The latest small light-weight positioning device for use in both fair and foul weather is now available. The handheld Pocket PC and wireless GPS have been tested over the past several weeks and the results have been impressive.The Pocket PC works with Tsunamis Vector Chart software and a Tsunamis Pocket Sailor module.

See our special at the Sydney Boatshow – POCKET SAILOR SPECIAL!

Navigation in the Palm of Your Hand

Navigation Dynamics now has avaiable a mini-version of its top-selling Tsunamis NaviGator system, which has been specifically designed for users of pocket PC or palm pilots. Pocket Sailor makes the ideal onboard navigation system for sail and power craft where space is limited. Now small craft users can have access power of a PC based electronic charting system using the best vector charts available and are no longer are restricted to the limited functionality of a standard plotter.

Pocket Sailor is only available to existing users of NaviGator - upgrading is easy and only requires a phone call to activate. The introduction of this latest piece of software from Navigation Dynamics means that passage planning can be done in advance using NaviGator on the users laptop or home PC. The information is then loaded onto the Pocket PC by selecting Load and Unload route buttons and the data is ready for use at sea.

Pocket Sailor has many useful features such as GPS monitoring, a GPS detection option and a GPS on/off facility. An undo button remembers what function the user last carried out, from zooming in to moving around the charts. Users can also set up personal chart layer settings and upload track information that has been created on the Pocket PC.

For a demo CD and more information contact:

Navigation Dynamics
Phone: 0417737572 or 0740968247

Navigation Dynamics Becomes a Sponsor of the Three Masted Barquentine Sts Leeuwin II

LeeuwinTransas Marine and Navigation Dynamics have recently become very generous sponsors of the tall ship Leeuwin II. Their representative in Fremenatle, Western Australia - Mr Peter Boichel from the Chart and Map Shop - presented the Leeuwin with the Tsunamis 99 digital navigation software for use onboard. Since the installation of Tsunamis 99, Leeuwin has sailed over 5000 nautical miles around the Western Australian coast, through some very challenging and exciting navigational passages.

The master, Captain John Newman, claims some of the training and passage objectives would not have been possible without the use of Tsunami.

"It is like having a second watch officer onboard who is awake and on duty 24 hours a day", he said.

"Navigation through poorly charted areas like the Recherche Archipelago, south east of Esperance, was accomplished with a lot more confidence than before, allowing us to explore new islands and inlets which enhanced our voyage programs."

Receiving Tsunamis99Leeuwin II is a three masted barqentine built in Western Australia by Tenix Shipbuilding WA Pty Ltd in 1986. She is continually under full AMSA USL class 1A survey to carry a crew of 15 and 40 passengers.

She is 55 metres in length with a displacement of 300 tonnes and carries 16 sails covering nearly 1000 square metres. She is also fitted with two powerful Volvo Penta main engines, two Caterpillar diesel generators, an environmentally tolerant sewerage system and a reverse osmosis water-maker. The addition of Tsunamis 99 to her navigation and communications outfit, makes her one of the most advanced and safest sail training ships in the world.

Using Tsunamis99Leeuwin II is owned by The Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation Ltd - a non profit organisation. The Leeuwin mission is: "Tochallenge and inspire the education and development of our youth and wider community in terms of leadership, team skills, community spirit and environmental awareness." We accomplish this by a continuous series of voyages along the entire Western Australian coast, from Esperance to Darwin. Our focus is primarily on the youth market (70%) where we challenge the youth of Australia and overseas to learn more about themselves and to increase their self confidence along with their leadership, team building and problem solving skills. Since its inception, Leeuwin has trained about 12,000 young men and women and each can testify that the Leeuwin experience has had a positive effect upon their lives, some quite extraordinary.

The Leeuwin also has a number of regular corporate clients who utilise the ship for leadership and team building skill training.

Leeuwin is very grateful to Transas Nautic Ltd for their very generous sponsorship and for their belief in what we are achieving for the youth and wider community of Australia. We look forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship together.


Tallship Leeuwin II  

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