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Pocket PC Navigation ToolGreetings,

For some time now pilots have been asking for a small light weight positioning device for use in both fair and foul weather. To date we have had to rely on the laptop and connection to GPS by a length of cable. The development of the Pocket PC and appropriate software still meant that there was a GPS issue to overcome. The recent release of a small, accurate and wireless GPS has been the final building block needed for the Pocket PC to become a viable option for pilots.

The handheld Pocket PC and wireless GPS have been tested over the past several weeks and the results have been impressive.

The Pocket PC works with Tsunamis Vector Chart software and a Tsunamis Pocket Sailor module.

  • Routes and charts are transferred form PC to Pocket PC.
  • Battery life on Pocket PC is rated at around 18 hours and the rechargeable wireless GPS around 6 hours.
  • The size of the GPS is that of two matchboxes. It really is small. See attached picture.
  • Range between GPS and Pocket PC is said to be 10m but ranges of up to 15m have given reliable performance. This range can be increased by adding a small external antenna if required.
  • On large ships (32M beam) the full range of the wheelhouse with the GPS placed on the bridge wing has proved possible.

The quality of the GPS signal exceeds that of many conventional units. One of the real advantages of the Pocket PC is that the brighter the sun gets the brighter the screen becomes. It is therefore ideal on the bridge wing in full sunlight.

Pocket PC Navigation tool
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This solution will provide position, course over the ground, speed over the ground and cross-track error on a detailed vector charts with selected routes. For a solution that provides a ships head and manoeuvring information a considerably larger laptop and GPS heading device will be required.

If you are interested in something that is light quick to setup and uses the highest quality vector charts the Pocket Sailor and wireless GPS may be worth considering.

Please email or call to discuss further.


Kim Macpherson

Navigation Dynamics
Ph: 0740968247

Tallship Leeuwin II  

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