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NaviGator represents the next generation of powerful PC based navigation systems. Specifically designed for the leisure sailor or power boater, this system is both comprehensive and easy to use. NaviGator is available in two versions, Standard and PRO, both using the highly regarded Transas vector charts offering true worldwide coverage.


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Navigator Standard Capabilities

Instrument side panel

The side panel is used to display a range of information from your instruments and to give details of your route. It also allows access to other functions and set up options. All displays in this panel may be "floated" on to the chart window and re-docked to the panel as required.
 » View instrument side panel

Vector chart presentation

Transas vector charts are a layered digital image of the original paper chart. They offer the same information as their paper counterpart but have a number of vital benefits.
When zooming into to a Transas vector chart the only thing that is enlarged is the "geographical mass", all the text, buoying and navigational symbols remain the same size. This ensures that there is no distortion and offers incredible clarity making chart viewing easier. » View vector charts

Seamless zooming

When zooming and panning around your chart, NaviGator will automatically select the best chart you have for the area you wish to view. This selection is based on the original chart scale.

Chart Screens

NaviGator allows you to select either full screen and split screen chart display with the addition of being able to set the instrument side panel to "auto hide". This makes better use of your screen size giving a greater chart viewing area. » View chart screens


The Split Screen option allows two charts to be displayed side by side enabling the user to view their overall route whilst monitoring their current position in detail. » View split screen charts

In addition the screen image may be adjusted for day, dusk and night to optimise the viewed image for different lighting conditions.

Chart Rotation

Charts may be displayed in one of three ways, north up, head up, or course up. When a chart is rotated chart text will not be affected, ensuring that it remains legible.

Optional Features

Tides & Currents

This adds world wide tidal stream, ocean current and tidal height information to the system. This add on module also activates the tidal passage planning function allowing course to steer calculations to be produced when route planning. » View tide and current information

Navigator Pro Capabilities

This advanced system has been designed to offer greater functionality to meet the needs of the more demanding yachtsman or power boater. This system is particularly suitable for "bluewater" sailors, large motor yachts and those racing offshore. NaviGator PRO contains all the features of NaviGator plus those detailed below.

Chart Overlays

Symbols, lines, text and shaded areas may be added to the charts. This allows the user to customise charts to indicate favourite anchorages, fishing spots or dive sites. This function also allows image or text files to be attached. These could include pilotage photos or notes about a marina or favourite restaurant.

User Defined Alarms

NaviGator Standard offers a number of alarm options, these included GPS failure, XTE/off course, and waypoint approach. The reason for an alarm sounding is displayed in the side panel where the warning may be acknowledged and silenced.

Instrument Logging

Navigator PRO will log information from all instruments that are connected to the system. This data can be viewed, printed and your passage replayed using the Playback function.

Autopilot control

Navigator PRO will interface with a NMEA compatible autopilot. This will enable route waypoint information to be sent to the autopilot each time a route is calculated.

ARPA Radar Interface

Navigator PRO will interface with ARPA radar. This will enable moving targets to be displayed on the chart.

Navtex Interface

This enables the Transas Navtex antenna to be connected to your PC and messages displayed on the screen. Where a lat/long is given the message will be displayed in the correct location on the chart.

Search & Rescue

The system includes a SAR feature allowing standard search patens to be created and activated. » View search & rescue uses

3D chart imaging

This function will generate a 3 dimensional image of the active chart area including your vessels position. This image may be rotated on both horizontal and vertical axis. » View 3D charts


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