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Pocket Sailor

Pocket Sailor

Compaq Pocket PC with Pocket Sailor

Pocket Sailor from Transas Nautic allows users to view Transas charts and navigate using a Pocket PC connected to a GPS. Pocket Sailor is an add on to the Navigator system and allows charts and routes to be downloaded on to a palm top PC. This is the ideal solution for smaller boats where it is not practical to carry a laptop or as a second mobile unit on a larger yacht.

Pocket Sailor has functions that are available within NaviGator, such as Ahead, ERBL, MOB, GOTO, Dead Reckoning and Info.

Along with these, some new functions have been added: GPS Monitoring, GPS detection option, GPS On / Off and an Undo Button.

The Undo feature remembers what you have done in Pocket Sailor, from zooming in, to moving around the charts, and allows a user to go back if a mistake has been made.

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Key Functions

Pocket Sailor Data Utility is installed on the main home PC or laptop, and is where charts, route information and certain settings are implemented. This information is then downloaded to the Pocket PC and the Pocket Sailor software.

Data Utility is split into four sections:

Upload Charts

Charts and routes saved on the main home PC in NaviGator can be loaded to the Pocket PC from here.

Download Data

Tracks that have been recorded in Pocket Sailor can be downloaded to the NaviGator software on the main PC.

Chart Layer Settings

Pocket Sailor allows you to create two Custom Settings which can be saved to the Pocket PC. These settings dictate the information that is to be displayed in Pocket Sailor.

Other Settings - Set up of XTE Limit, Track time and Track Time Stamp Intervals.

Pocket Sailor Function - AheadAhead

Pressing the button will take you to the original position on the boat.

Pocket Sailor Function - ERBLERBL

Allows you to measure a range and bearing between two points.

Pocket Sailor Function - UndoUndo

Remembers what a user has done and allows you to go back through if a mistake has been made.

Pocket Sailor Function - Navigational InformationNavigational Information

Will be displayed when this button is selected. Information such as Lat / Long, Course Made Good and Speed Made Good.

Pocket Sailor Function - InfoInfo

Allows you to click on a chart symbol and information on that symbol is displayed.

Pocket Sailor Function - MOBMOB

Activates the Man Overboard function

Pocket Sailor Function - GOTOGOTO

Allows you to input a single waypoint route


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