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Transas Vector Charts

The in-house production of vector electronic charts is one of the many areas of expertise in Transas' company activities. To-date, the Transas World Collection consists of around 8000 charts, all digitised to the highest standard and level of accuracy. Our charts are produced from the original paper chart and we are licensed by all the major national Hydrographic Offices to use their data. The excellent worldwide coverage achieved by the Transas Chart Collection, ensures you have access to the information you need when sailing in practically any part of the world.

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All navigational information contained on the original paper charts are recorded ensuring that highly accurate electronic copies are produced, which is one of the main advantages of the TX-97 technology. Transas vector charts provide yachtsmen and professional navigators worldwide, with the complete set of information they might require during a voyage or for route planning.

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The electronic charts in Transas' proprietary TX-97 format are widely recognized around the world and have been supplied to many thousands of customers.

Our charts are not only used by yachtsmen and motor boaters, but have been supplied to naval and coast guard fleets of over 30 countries as well as to over 100 ship owners.

Currently our charts are being used on as diverse yachts as the ex- BT Challenge yacht "2041" which is involved in Mission Antarctic to the Open 60 Tri "Pindar" as well as being a firm favourite with "blue-water" cruisers around the globe.

Updates and innovation

Transas electronic chart information is constantly being updated with data received from various sources, including Admiralty Lists of Lights and Fog Signals and Pilot Book data, which means electronic charts provide even more value to the yachtsman.


The Chart Production Department was set up at Transas in late 80's and the digitising process fully complies with international quality standards set out by ISO:9001. To achieve this level of quality, only qualified hydrographers and highly professional engineers, all with sufficient seagoing experience, are engaged in the Chart Production processes at Transas Marine.


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